We're Different

No two children are alike.  At Connections, you won't find a "cookie-cutter" approach to therapy.  We see you as the "coach", your child as the "star player" and we'll join with you as "team member" to best meet your child's individual needs. 

Here's what the families of clients we've served have to say:

  • "We can't say enough 'thank yous' to (PT from Connections).  She was so good with our daughter.  Each week we were so proud of the gains our daughter made with (PT from Connections).  We all worked very hard with the goals and (PT from Connections) truly made it all come together...We thank Connections for their support and great people that work for Connections."
  • "(SLP from Connections) was wonderful with my son.  She was also very understanding with regard to my feelings as a parent with significant concerns regarding my son's speech as well as his self-image and the emotional impact that disfluencies have on individuals."
  • (SLP from Connections) is a superb speech therapist.  Her knowledge and skills are absolutely excellent.  She also has a real gift for connecting with children.  My 4 year old loved her and greatly benefitted from her help...We are appreciative beyond words."
  • "(SLP from Connections) was so wonderful in so many ways.  She really helped my daughter learn to focus.  (SLP from Connections) always answered my questions and concerns even doing some research on her own time."
  • "(SLP from Connections) is absolutely in the right profession...We love her and can't say enough about her creativity, effectiveness in therapy and obvious passion for helping children."
  • "We have had a wonderful experience with Connections.  We are grateful for the year that (our son) had (SLP from Connections) as our therapist - she is a very dedicated therapist."
  • "Whenever I told my son that the teacher was coming, he would rush to the door and wait for her.  He loved her.  (SLP from Connections) is an excellent speech teacher and she's great with kids!"