For Adults

We provide speech language therapy and speech language evaluations for adults in a variety of settings. 

Private-pay evaluations and therapy are available to adults who may be experiencing a variety of communication difficulties due to stroke (including difficulties with swallowing, communicating, memory and reasoning, dysphagia), traumatic brain injury, or neurogenic disorders or diseases.  Accent reduction services are also available. 

Connections collaborates with several skilled nursing facilities in the greater Syracuse area to remediate client speech-langauge difficulties in communication, memory, eating and swallowing (dysphagia). 


Connections recently added a new service to its menu of communication tools!  IN OTHER WORDS is a 6 session program designed to take your message you wish to communicate and polish it, refine it, personalize it and help you deliver it in the most effective way possible to your audience.  Work with a speech-language pathologist (an expert in communication) to craft and deliver your best man speech, maid of honor speech, your presentation to your colleagues, your pitch for new business.  We will film you speaking in the first session and demonstrate the gains you are making in each session until you are ready to go LIVE.  Let us help make you the STAR of your show.